Naval Reserve Association of Canada

Celebrating the Military and Civilian Contributions of Canadian Naval Reservists
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Role of the Association

The Association celebrates the naval and civilian contributions of Canadian Naval Reservists and identifies, preserves, and promotes the history and values of the UNTD program and its successors with an emphasis on citizenship, leadership, honesty, commitment, service and personal discipline, by providing opportunities for members to support the Navy and for convivial social interaction.

Members of the Association have a continuing interest in the Royal Canadian Navy and, through individual members, with Naval Reserve Units across the country where joint events are encouraged.

The Association diligently maintains a database of members and potential members containing secure contact information that can be made available to facilitate meetings or reunions.

Membership dues are optional. Ordinary members are those who choose to enthusiastically participate in the affairs of the Association, who may vote at meetings and who pay dues. All members for whom contact information is available receive the periodic newsletter and are welcome at Association events.

The Association is not politically active and plays no advocacy role. It is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, network of persons with a Board of Directors responsible to Ordinary members at General Meetings. 

As a national organization the strength and vitality of the Association hinges on the connectivity of all its members through the regular sharing of information and participation in activities aimed at ensuring everyone can feel  ‘counted-in’ .


How the Association Maintains Connections

  • Manages a FaceBook Group
  • Facilitates camaraderie and communication between members
  • Publishes a newsletter periodically; and occasionally, other articles, books, and press releases
  • Maintains a web site containing news, information, photos, archives, and links to members and other web sites of interest to our members
  • Promotes regional and national gatherings of our members
  • Supports Naval historical projects of relevance to the Naval Reserve
  • Maintains strong connections with Naval Reserve Headquarters and with each of the Naval Reserve Divisions to help strengthen the local navy presence
  • Provides a virtual “home” for retired reservists
  • Encourages and promotes effective integration of French-speaking NRDs by providing French language material and communications wherever possible
  • Curates an archive of information relating to the UNTD Program, including the “Nominal List” that documents almost all those who passed through the program from 1943 – 1968. This recognizes the UNTD status as founding members of the Association 

Read about the Birth of the Naval Reserve Association of Canada here.

History of the UNTD and the UNTDA

Please refer to this article written by Bill Clearihue.


The Association is Incorporated under the Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporations Act,


The Annual General Meeting was concluded successfully on May 12, 2023, and minutes will be made available in due course. The UNTDA was officially recommissioned as the Naval Reserve Association of Canada (NRAC).

For reference purposes, the original Notice of Meeting, Agenda and supporting documents remain available here.

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