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Celebrating the Military and Civilian Contributions of Participants in Canadian Naval Reserve Officer Training Programs


The Citizen Sailors Virtual Cenotaph Project

As its signature contribution to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Naval Reserve in 2023, the UNTDA has embarked on a project to complete the stories of the 1,769 reservists who died in World War II. While their stories exist, they are rarely seen in the  Naval Reserve Divisions where they joined up. The CSVC project will bring them home to the Naval Reserve Divisions across Canada.


The UNTDA mission is to identify, preserve, and promote the history and values of the UNTD program and its successors, with their emphasis on leadership, honesty, commitment, service, and personal discipline.

Members of the UNTDA will usually have trained with one or other of the Naval Reserve officer training schemes, UNTD, ROUTP, NROC, UNTDv2 or RESO, or have served as Commanding Officers, Staff Officers or instructors, and support the vision and mission of the Association. The Association’s Nominal List currently contains over 10,000 entries, including almost all who at one time called themselves cadets.

Members of the Association have a continuing interest in the Royal Canadian Navy and in particular in Naval Reserve Officer training, past, present and future. The Association maintains strong contacts with the Naval Association of Canada, and, through individual members, with Naval Reserve Units across the country where joint events are encouraged.

The Nominal List is central to the preservation of the connections between members and is diligently maintained. The List is searchable and can be sorted and filtered.

Active members are those who choose to actively participate in the affairs of the Association, who may vote at meetings and who pay dues. All members for whom contact information is available receive the periodic newsletter and are welcome at Association events.

The Association is not politically active and plays no advocacy role. It is an unincorporated, not-for-profit, network of persons with a Board of Directors responsible to Active members at periodic General Meetings. Contact us here to be counted in.

As a national organization, the UNTDA strives to be a welcoming home for all Canadians with a background and/or interest in the Naval Reserve officer-cadet training programs. The strength and vitality of the UNTDA hinges on the connectivity of all its members through the regular sharing of information and participation in activities aimed at ensuring everyone can feel ‘counted-in’.

To this end, the UNTDA is anxious to improve its appeal and accessibility, particularly to the Francophone constituency, by incorporating more bilingual content in its communications. Important elements of the Website will now be presented in both official languages. Additionally, the Website and Newsletter are inviting contributions and will publish articles and stories in either (or both) official language(s).


How the Association Maintains Connections

  • Curates an archive of information relating to the UNTD Program, its successor programs, their members, and their accomplishments;
  • Facilitates camaraderie and communication between our members;
  • Publishes a newsletter periodically; and occasionally, other articles, books, and press releases;
  • Maintains a web site containing news, information, photos, archives, and links to members and other web sites of interest to our members;
  • Promotes regional and national gatherings of our members;
  • Supports Naval historical projects of relevance to the Naval Reserve.


History of the UNTD and the UNTDA

Please refer to this article written by Bill Clearihue.

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