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Board Committees

Properly structured and run Committees constitute an efficient arm of the Board to expand the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, allowing more thorough and detailed examination of issues. Board Committees provide opportunities for members at large to join board members on Committees and participate in and contribute to the strengthening of the Association.

Executive Committee

Chair: Graham Scott
Members: Marta Mulkins, Daniel Haché, Ross Connell, Ray Zuliani, Nancy Bunting

Terms of Reference:

The Executive Committee meets between regular board meetings in order to ensure that the business of the Association is effectively managed. The EC has the authority of the Board to act in emergency situations that require immediate attention where a full board meeting cannot be convened, and must report fully to the Board, any action taken as soon as possible.

Governance and Nominating Committee

Chair: Graham Scott
Vice-Chair: Bob Blakely
Members: Marta Mulkins, Daniel Haché, Ian Holloway.

Terms of Reference:

The Governance and Nominating Committee supports the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to ensure Board effectiveness through periodic review of the governance structure, the functioning of the Board and the various committees. In addition, the Governance and Nominating Committee shall identify and recommend individuals for Board membership.

Finance Committee

Chair: Ross Connell, Treasurer
Members: Nancy Bunting, Craig Walkington, Alex Grinchteine.

Terms of Reference:

The Finance Committee provides guidance to the board and to the Treasurer on financial matters, including management of investments, annual budgets and responsive cash flow initiatives.

2023 Naval Reserve Centennial Committee

Chair: Roger Elmes
Members: Bill Thomas, David Craig, Stephen Rybak

Terms of Reference:

1. The 2023 Committee will plan and guide the participation of the Association in the 2023 Naval Reserve Centennial.
2. The committee will encourage and facilitate the planning and execution of Association local and national events.
3. The committee will liaise with the national Naval Reserve Centennial planning committee.
4. The committee will publicize events planned by the national Naval Reserve Centennial planning committee and by the Association and encourage the participation of its members and those on its email list.
5. The committee will report to the Association Board.

Membership and Recruitment Committee

Chair: François Laplante
Members: Cheryl Bush, Ross Connell, Gord Laco, Andy Pollock, Ray Zuliani

Terms of Reference:


Transitions Committee

Chair: Ray Zuliani
Members: Ross Connell, Dave Arsenault, Nick Slonosky, Marta Mulkins, Cheryl Bush, François Laplante

Terms of Reference:

The Transition Committee has been stood up to provide the Board of Directors with a prioritized list of elements of the Association that require attention to effectively engage potential members. The initial target group will be retired reservists. This will include the recommended course of action, whether the item should be addressed by the Transition Committee or assigned elsewhere. This committee will dissolve at the completion of its mandate at the discretion of the Board of directors.

Archives Committee

Chair: Vacant
Members: Ian Holloway, Bill Clearihue, Gordon Laco, Iain Munro, Matt Davies, Ian Barker, Glenn Carroll

Terms of Reference:

The Archivist is charged with gathering and collating material relating to reserve officer naval training in Canada, and specifically, with maintaining a database of all participants, public elements of which database are published on the Association web site. In recognition of the magnitude of this (volunteer) job, especially maintenance of the Nominal List, and of the need to expand its work to a) actively solicit more material, b) gather material in one place or at least document material and its location, and c) identify a perpetual repository (ies) for both physical and digital material, the Association board hereby establishes the Archives Committee to collabourate with and support the Archivist in his responsibilities.

Communications Committee

Chair: Ross Connell (Acting)
Members: Bill Clearihue, Barry Frewer, Peter Baker, Paul Seguna, Nick Slonosky, François Laplante

Terms of Reference:

A cohesive communications strategy will ensure the messages we put out in our Newsletter, Web Site, email bulletins, etc are consistent with our mission and goals and that we have sufficient depth of volunteer resources to perpetuate our communications. To this end, the board establishes a Communications Committee. The Committee will recruit members who are prepared to carry on the work of Newsletter Editor Bill Clearihue, maintain the Web Site and issue bulletins as appropriate.

Citizen Sailors Virtual Cenotaph Project

Project Manager: Kim Kubeck
Members: Ross Connell, Scott Ferris, Émilie Caron

Terms of Reference:

As its signature contribution to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Naval Reserve in 2023, the Association has embarked on a project to complete the stories of the 1,769 reservists who died in World War II. While their stories exist, they are rarely seen in the reserve divisions where they joined up. The CSVC project will bring them home to the Naval Reserve Divisions across Canada.

Events & Awards Committee

Chair: Roger Elmes
Members: Cheryl Bush, Mark Nicolle, Andy Pollock, Craig Walkington

Terms of Reference:

To review the Association’s policy with respect to donations and awards as expressed in the Policy manual, to ensure the policy remains appropriate as the Association evolves. All requests for donations or awards will be scrutinized by this committee in accordance with the policy and a recommendation submitted to the Board. To promote local, regional and national events to encourage the cohesion of members and in support of the Canadian Naval Reserve and its activities.

Naval Reserve Liaison Committee

Chair: Daniel Haché
Members: Ray Zuliani

Terms of Reference:

The Naval Reserve Liaison Committee is the Association link to the Naval Reserve by interacting with the Naval Reserve Command Team, the Naval Reserve Board, NRD CO’s and where appropriate the RCN Command. It provides guidance to all other committees of the Association on their relationship with the Naval Reserve.


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